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Part 3, Time of Reason: My Witness

If you have been reading, you understand a lot of what God has shown me. Some months ago, He opened my eyes, and I saw that everything that I was taught was written of in the scriptures. If you will read and ponder Revelation chapter 12 (the Joseph Smith translation is best), perhaps you to

Part 2, Time of Reason: A Dream Fulfilled

How can God change a life so dramatically? In the scriptures there are a multitude of examples, from the Angel visiting Mary, the mother of Jesus to teach her of her fore-ordination, to the dramatic burning bush that began Moses’ conversation with God. Each was stunning in its own rite, but each was custom for

Part 1, Time of Reason: A Dream Remembered

Sometime in the 1990s I had a powerful dream. Recalling dreams was an unusual occurrence for me, and the content of the dream was very unusual. For these reasons, I took the time to record it within the pages of my journal. It seemed as if I was standing on a huge platform high in