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Daniel Uniquely Identifies the Church Persecuted by the Anti Christ

Within the verses of Daniel, chapter 12 lie some very important indicators on just who is persecuted at the beginning of the reign of the Anti Christ. In verse 22, we read that “also the prince of the covenant” (will be broken), as well as his people. Identifying who this Prince is can be accomplished

We Believe: A Summary of the Mormon Church

A long, long time ago my ancestors were delighted to at last have the opportunity to read the Bible. The miracle of the printing press, had made this valuable tome accessible to the common man for the very first time. As they read and studied, they were quite startled that some of the basic concepts

A New Look at Revelation 12

Revelation chapter 12 is a most interesting study in trying to understand the events preceding the Millennium. As we briefly discussed before, there will be a literally fulfillment of the events described by John. It is difficult to determine that, because on the surface, it is clearly a symbolic message regarding the apostasy (woman flees