Monthly Archive:: April 2013

Dream of the Unresponsive Bus

In an unusual dream, I was driving a bus filled with people, and it appeared that I was driving on a college campus. I was desperately trying to navigate along a sidewalk, while avoiding many people who were milling about. I was desperate because the steering and brakes of the bus, were almost non-responsive. It

Anxious to Get Started

I was seated in a van, in another dream. And, I waited with great anxiousness for my family to come, so we could go to some big event like a play. I was so very impatient, and greatly wished my family to hurry to the van. It is impossible to accurately describe the tremendous emotion

Dreams of Principle

        “We may never see anything take place exactly as we see it in a dream or vision, yet it is intended to teach us a principle.” – Wilford Woodruff 22:331-333 The prior dreams that I have described are ones that will be fulfilled. The next ones are ones that President Woodruff describes as teaching