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The Road to Freedom Leads through the National Parks

The recent actions of the National Park Service in expelling vacationers and residents from National Parks, by force of arms, is causing quite a push back among citizens of this nation.  It is useful to review just how much property – from sea to shining sea – is claimed by the United States Federal Government.

Solution Provided by the Founders

The American system is a “compound Republic” – a federation, or combination, of central and State Republics, with the States retaining the vast majority of the powers. “The different governments will control each other…,” while within each Republic there are two safeguarding features: a) a division of powers, as well as b) a system of

Consider the Nazis and the United States. We Know.

I’d like to share with you a passage from a 1955 book by Milton Mayer.  He is conversing with a former Nazi about the forced relocation and imprisonment of Japanese-Americans during World War II: “He asked me whether I had known anybody connected with the West Coast deportation.  When I said, “No,” he asked me