Part 1, Time of Reason: A Dream Remembered

Sometime in the 1990s I had a powerful dream. Recalling dreams was an unusual occurrence for me, and the content of the dream was very unusual. For these reasons, I took the time to record it within the pages of my journal. It seemed as if I was standing on a huge platform high in a tree that seemed to stretch upward forever. This platform, or ground on which I stood seemed spongy or soft. It was not a firm foundation. There were many others on this perch, high in the tree. We stood and gazed at the scene far below, where it seemed a numberless crowd of people were gathered.

As my gaze spanned the horizon, I saw a disturbing scene. Far in the distance, stood a huge water tower. A military jet was preparing to shoot and destroy that enormous tower, that waters of which would fill the land below, and I knew that it would even flood the platform where I stood. The purpose of the destruction, did not cross my mind, only the imminent danger. It seemed that I attempted to warn some around me, but they paid no heed to my words.

Then, I took my family and left the spongy platform, and entered the tree, where there was darkness and a stairway, stretching up and down. There seemed to be some few people using the stairs. But, I greatly feared the climb because only one side had an iron rail, the other side was an abrupt drop into a vast, dark abyss. I grasped on that rod with all my might and led my family as we started up that precipitous stairway, urging them also to cling to that bar. For, I knew there was no safety where we stood. As we climbed, I felt the presence of someone that traveled with us. His presence gave me comfort and peace, and I knew that we were protected.

There it seemed that the dream ended.

Flash forward to March 25, 2012. We were sitting in church, when that dream was brought to my startled remembrance. And then, came the astonished understanding that my dream had been fulfilled to the letter. With that the flood of dreams and inspiration and instruction over the last two and a half years filled my mind, to witness that my long ago dream had unfolded in my life. Every whit had come to pass.