A Lover of the Truth

There is a very old book I love called “Thy Son Liveth: Messages from a Soldier to His Mother.”  (You can download a digital copy from  In it, a mother relays her experience communicating with her son after his death in World War One.  For a short time, she was communicating with her son via Morse code.  For his spirit had found an abandoned radio on the field of battle.  They had already established a pattern of communicating with Morse prior to his death.  And one day, he told her he had been killed in battle.  He had a message to share which was filled with joy and hope.

He explained many things which he was experiencing, such as comforting the wounded and dying soldiers and protecting those still fighting.  The formerly anonymous mother, later identified as Grace Duffie Boylen, made a record of her son’s communications, because her son wanted her to share his message.    Shortly after this amazing process commenced, he cautioned her to not add to his message.  For she was inadvertently contributing to her son’s message.  She should be careful to only write the things she had received.

I am a lover of the truth.  It is very, very important to me.  As such, I view some of my posts in the past and I am concerned because portions appear to be wrong.  Yet, I have told the truth when I say that I felt inspired by God to write each post.  So, as a lover of truth, I find myself in some difficulty due to these problems.  I do not know if I have inadvertently added to the messages I have received or whether Heavenly Father has some purpose which I don’t understand in providing such information.

What I do know, is that I understand that these are communications from God, and I cannot delete or alter them lest I offend my maker.  I do not have enough information to correct what may be errors on my part.  And, I offer no explanation on God’s intention and purpose for my life.

I trust God, that someday I will understand.  And till then, I will keep doing my best to refine my spiritual ears so that I can better determine exactly the whole of God’s messages, and not add anything on my own.