A Parable of the Duckie and Preparing for the Great Day of the Lord

As a mother, I spent a fair amount of time watching Sesame Street with my kids.  Perhaps my favorite song from those long ago days is “Put Down the Duckie.”  We watched it many times together, particularly after the advent of Youtube.

Some time ago, I was contemplating the events transpiring that seemed to be related to the signs of the times.  I wished to know what focus I should have in my life.  As I was working one day, and thinking on these things, this song was suddenly impressed upon my mind.  The purpose of this song was to teach me that in order to accomplish the work which God would have me do, I needed to let go of the things that I enjoyed which were of little value.  Just as Ernie found that to play the saxophone, he needed to grasp it with both hands which were free of other interests, like the duckie, it had come time for me to set aside my favored activities and focus on things which were of eternal worth.

As we begin this New Year, I wish to impress upon you with all the energy of my heart, that this is a critical year for those who are trying to follow Jesus.  It is so important for each of us to evaluate our present state, and take stock of any “duckies” we may be carrying which we must let go in order to accomplish all we are supposed to accomplish.

Are you prepared, both Spiritually and Physically for the days ahead?  It is time for those questions to have our full attention and daily effort.  I will speak more to the specific reasons in coming posts.  Please, consider well my friends.  Put down the duckie, it is time to play our part.