A Warning to Not Import Refugees to the United States

Our government has thrown generations of legal precedent and the foundation of our laws to the ground.  Heedless of the laws, our officials are facilitating the illegal immigration of thousands and tens of thousands of immigrants from war torn countries.  The process, long established, is ignored.  As much as we may like to think this is because of their benevolent spirit, we must look at their fruits over the last ten years.  Our Federal Government has not been a kind and trustworthy benefactor to anyone during that time, except for their own interests of course.  Proof of their betrayal of the Citizens of the United States, is evident in many individual acts, such as rejecting those refugees who happen to be Christian.

It is not a happenstance that there are hordes of Muslims walking across Europe, and flying into the US and Canada.  It is a plan, and it is funded by those who would overthrow governments.  In fact, George Soros admitted as such in his comments this week.  He stated borders are the obstacle.

A little insight into the purpose can be found in the Book of Revelation where John tells us that those who will not receive the mark of the beast are beheaded.  And, the one culture on earth who does such a thing, Islam, is being spread far and wide, right now.  It is very clear we are seeing the army of the anti-christ being positioned to enforce his rules.

I would add some of the words spoken by President Ezra Taft Benson long ago:

And anyone who tries to equate this love of Constitutional principles as meaning hatred of our national leaders is using Goebbels-style deception. History has already demonstrated that conservative opposition to national leaders was not “hate” but an attempt to do them a favor.

Let me give you some examples:

Was it “hate” when General Albert C. Whedemeyer pleaded with general Marshal and President Truman to reverse their policy before they lost china?

Was it “hate” when Whitaker Chambers tried to warn President Roosevelt in 1939 That Alger Hiss had been giving the Soviet Union more espionage data than any other member of the Washington spy network?

Was it “hate” when J. Edgar Hoover tried to warn President Truman that Harry Dexter White was a member of the Soviet spy apparatus and was doing great danger to the nation as Assistant-Secretary of the Treasury?

Was it “hate” when I went to the Secretary of State under President Eisenhower and pleaded with him not to support the Communist, Fidel Castro?

Was it “hate” when I urged the President of the United States to go to the aid of the brave freedom fighters in Hungary?

Was it “hate” when the Democratic Senator from Connecticut, Thomas Dodd, pleaded for two years with the President not to support the United Nations blood bath against the free people of Katanga?

Is it “hate” when distinguished military leaders advise that an-all out effort could end the Viet Nam struggle almost over night?

This list of acts by well-meaning citizens who want and wanted to prevent their Presidents from making serious mistakes could be extended at length. But they would all illustrate the same point. History will show that many terrible mistakes occurred because the advice of these well informed and well-meaning citizens was not heeded.

Therefore, I repeat, this kind of resistance to a national leader is rooted in love and respect, not hate. Regardless of which political party is in power, you do not want to see your President make a serious blunder. You don’t want him to lose China. You don’t want him to allow the enemy agents to make fools of us. You don’t want him to lose Cuba. You don’t want him to suffer the humiliation of a “Bay of Pigs disaster”, or allow a Soviet Gibraltar to be built 90 miles from our shores.

Every one of these events which have been so disastrous and which have destroyed freedom for hundreds of millions of our allies, could have been prevented. And the voices of those who tried to warn Washington of what was coming cannot be attributed to hate. It has been out of a love for our country and respect for our leaders that the voice of warning has been raised.