Action Plan for Restoring Our Sacred Freedoms

We the people own this country. Those who represent us in DC, are accountable to us. It is time for us to gather together those we can, in our states and communities, to petition our State governments and legislatures to call our Representatives and Senators in for hearings concerning their votes.  Within the document “A Recourse to the Violations of Our Sacred Freedoms,” lies the clear legal authority for us to act to restore the freedoms that we are guaranteed.

Each Senator, each Representative, each President and Vice President, each Governor, each State Office Holder, each Military Official, and each Sheriff and Police Officer take an Oath of Office.  That Oath universally declares that they “will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

We the people, are responsible for holding our representatives in Washington, and within the boundaries of our States, accountable for every action and every inaction performed on our behalf.  It is time to review the votes of those who are there in your name.  Are they Constitutional? Have they kept their oath of office?  For the sake of expedience, the Constitutional standard for which each Congressperson should be reviewed must be limited to the Bill of Rights or the 1st Ten Amendments.  This simplifies and expedites the process, as the urgency cannot be overstated.  If our elected representatives are not abiding by these Rights, which they swore to uphold and protect, they must be removed by the State Governments. If the State legislatures will not act, then the communities which they represent, must call those local leaders to account, with lower level hearings. We must pursue the Constitutional recourse at the highest level possible. And, if no recourse is afforded, to provide a more local solution. Thus, we are obeying the law, unlike those that are in the halls of congress. That is the way, the righteous of this country will lift where we stand, in order to save the Constitution.

Likewise, we may also hold the President and Vice President accountable, with hearings in each state.  With the Constitutional mandate that if 2/3rds of the States find that they are not upholding the Constitutional law of the land, they are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and thus impeached.  Application of this standard must also be enforced upon the Supreme Court.

Should a Congressperson, an Executive Officer, or a Supreme Court Justice be found in violation of their Sacred Oaths, they must be removed from office, and then turned over to the presiding legal authority in their place of residence.  Application of this standard, must similarly apply to all those who have taken such oath, and also key officials in the administration of this country in order to completely eliminate the effort to overthrow our freedoms and thus restore the inalienable rights which God has granted, and which must not be abolished by designing men and women, while we languish in thoughtless stupor.

It is time for the Citizens of this Nation to apply the rule of law to those whom we have entrusted with its keeping.  For, the United States Constitution has not been considered well, by those in power.

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