Addendum to “45 Days..”

I wish to impress upon your mind my conviction that every post on my blog was written in direct response to an idea or prompting that I feel I received from God.  As such, it is hard to withdraw my words.  Nevertheless, I feel compelled to address the issue that becomes apparent when reading my post in August concerning the 45 days until the fulfillment of a prophecy of Daniel of the New Testament.

The time of the appearance of the Anti-Christ, that I understood in my studying and inspiration of Daniel’s 72 year timeline has come and gone.  But, my understanding is not God’s understanding.  And, my errors are my own.

I was considering that post, a few days before the end of September.  In my sleepless night, my soul struggled with what was to be my understanding of God and His communication with me, should that time pass without having in evidence those things of which I identified would be evident according to my understanding of Daniel’s words.  In my midnight consternation, as my mind was in turmoil to address that “what if,” my thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a still small voice, “Be still, and know that I am God.”  That significant utterance, those 8 simple words relieved all the troubled feelings of my heart.

For some purpose, which I do not understand, I was supposed to write that 45 Days post.  And my understanding is not enlightened regarding its fulfillment or non-fulfillment.  It will just stand there, as a witness that I am making every effort to be obedient to God and do His will.  I still believe that the things that He showed me regarding the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy are right and will be fulfilled.

The matter of Daniel’s verification of his timeline as I have shown in Chapter 11 still bears witness of its truthfulness.  For, we have the vile man gaining power sandwiched between the ruler who’s description is very much like Obama, and the war between those countries that are at the very verge, Israel and Iran.  The rest, I will leave to my Heavenly Father and just see what happens.