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An Introduction

An Introduction

When I was young, I received a blessing in which I was counseled to prepare myself to be able to provide for my future family, in case there was a need.  Those words of wisdom, which I consider from God, have been a guiding force in my life.  I endeavored to develop a variety of skills, which included selling on the internet.  

Way back in the AOL days of "You've got Mail," I was trying my hand at digital enterprise.  Over the span of about 25 years, my sales included collectible books, ancient Israeli coins, and first responder gear.  Now, I am selling old style wallpaper, and old photo reprints.  This last effort was given a shot in the arm, when I stumbled upon a landlord trying to sell a large format print that his tenant left behind.  To bad the wing-span of the printer's wheels went beyond the width of the Uhaul ramp.  That was an adventure!

But, deep inside, tucked away for some unknown future time, there was a desire to write.  After a series of dreams a dozen years ago, I started a blog called Time of Reason.  I was guided in what to write a lot of times, and I learned more than my readers.  But, it suffered a fate, and most of the entries were lost.  Perhaps, I will be able to retrieve some number of them for future posts on this reincarnation.  

Now, the Spiritual pull is strong to make this blog my focus.  A large part is because I care about all you folks out there.  I am bothered by a lot of injustice and corruption, and have many thoughts to share on how the Scriptures apply to us, and can help us navigate this difficult time.  We need to help one another.  I look forward to building this community with you!

I invite you to subscribe, so you will be notified when I post.  (I plan on providing content often.) If you would like to be a paid subscriber, I would be thrilled to have your help in my quest to provide for my family.  In exchange, you will receive Extra, Extra Amazing blog posts, as well as chat/question and answer times.  I will be providing podcasts, and perhaps video content for paying subscribers as well.

It is going to be fun, and hopefully a joy filled, reality check, which helps our paths be ever more towards the God of All.  For, I do love Him!