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As Slots in a Giant Machine

As Slots in a Giant Machine

4 Jan 2014:  I dreamed that I had employment.  I was sick one day, so I left work.  I found myself stranded and without my belongings necessitating a trip back to my workplace to retrieve them.  I saw myself go in a hidden entrance, and it seemed I did not want to be noticed returning.

I saw that I was noticed, and in spite of my illness and lack of personal effects, I was compelled to stay.  The company was rolling out a new method with a new machine, for which every employee was required.  All were herded into a big room, like a warehouse, and stripped over every belonging, including clothing.

I protested that I had nothing to put on afterwards, but that made no difference.  The light of humanity in the entire operation was entirely snuffed out. Every worker was installed into premade slots in the giant new machine.  How very awful was the feeling, and the sight.

The new machine is built and the humans are being shuffled into place, with infants and the elderly crushed at the expense of this new operation.  How very cold and depraved is this plan of the enemy.

But God has made us free.  It is He who will loose the chains from the necks of His people.  Let us have faith that He will fulfill all His promises.