Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express – Taking Us to a Very Dark Place. Hillary is Along for the Ride.

In May of this year, The Daily Caller published that Bill Clinton Took Twice As Many Flights On ‘Pedophile Island’ Billionaire’s ‘Lolita Express’ Than Previously Reported – Jeffrey Epstein, the “billionaire pedophile” who was accused of keeping under aged girls as sex slaves on his private island, was long known to be friendly with former President Bill Clinton.  Records obtained by Fox News show that Clinton “was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the ‘Lolita Express’ — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights.”

Bill’s wife, Hillary, is angling to obtain the office of President.  It pays to ask questions about who Bill and Hillary really are.  Epstein is renowned for his island which he populated with girls so that the rich and powerful could come and indulge their base desires in secrecy.  We should be bothered by the fact that the former President flew on the airplane of Epstein, which in itself, is said to be a place of abuse of minors.

In order to understand, we need to remember the Clintons have been in political office for 30 years.  Prior to that, Hillary was involved in such things as working as a lawyer in the investigation of Richard Nixon and Watergate.  Suffice it to say, these two have traveled in political circles for most of their adult lives.

Bill Clinton’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein generates questions about other prominent people who may have used Epstein’s plane, or visited his private island  Other notables on his airplane include Britain’s Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Of Epstein’s flying friends, Bill Clinton is not the only one with a history tainted by allegations of sexual activity with minors.  Prince Andrew and Donald Trump have also been accused of sexual impropriety.

In fact, the pattern of sexual abuse of both boys and girls, by high government officials and others traveling in the elite circles, extends back decades.  As shown below, the Reagan/Bush administration was caught in a sex scandal.

What we see is just the tip of a very dark iceberg, which originates in secretive CIA and FBI experiments in the 50s and 60s.  In a series of formerly classified Projects, government operatives practiced mind control using drugs and torture in order to manipulate people and create slaves who respond on command.  Common use of the slaves was for sexual gratification.  But, also, there are many who are brainwashed to be messengers, memorizing large amounts of information to relay in secret.  Also, some unfortunate agents were transformed into robotic killing machines, who would have no memory of their activities in their normal life.

You don’t need to take my word for it.  There are mountains of evidence and hundreds, perhaps thousands of witnesses.  Most of this is fragmented in numerous cases over the span of decades.  When compiled into a whole, it presents a scene of unimaginable horror that has been perpetrated by our government for nearly a lifetime.

It is critically important to know the truth, right now, because Hillary is up to her eyeballs in the same type of sexual abuse as Bill.  I have written extensively about the government sex trade operation beginning with “Who is Johnny Gosch? Investigative Report Part 1” in May 2016.  The entire series is timely and important, but the focus on Hillary Clinton is found in “Compromised: Hillary Clinton used MK Ultra Sex Slaves, Secret Gay Lifestyle Leads to Emailgate.”

Study the following with an eye toward learning the truth.  The list is not an exhaustive list, but presents a more complete picture of the depravity of the U.S. Federal Government than I have ever seen in one place.

Testimony of Victims



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