Decades of Violation by the Federal Government – Unconstitutional Powers Centralized in Executive Branch

Ezra Taft Benson wrote in 1986:

In recent years we have allowed Congress to fund numerous federal agencies. While these agencies may provide some needed services and protection of rights, they also encroach significantly on our constitutional rights. The number of agencies seems to grow continually to regulate and control the lives of millions of citizens.

What many fail to realize is that most of these federal agencies are unconstitutional. Why are they unconstitutional? They are unconstitutional because they concentrate the functions of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches under one head. They have, in other words, power to make rulings, enforce rulings, and adjudicate penalties when rulings are violated. They are unconstitutional because they represent an assumption of power not delegated to the executive branch by the people. They are unconstitutional because the people have no power to recall administrative agency personnel by their vote.

Most of the Federal Agencies are unconstitutional. 

As noted by Ezra Taft Benson, there are many agencies and department in current operation, which violate the Constitution.  They have circumvented the Supreme Law and centralized power in the hands of the Executive branch.  Many of these Departments and Agencies not only make rulings, enforce rulings and adjudicate penalties, but they also are now armed and compel compliance at the point of a gun.

Some of the Departments created in violation of the Constitution, and the date of creation:

  • Department of Education, 1980
  • Health & Human Services, 1953
  • Department of Energy, 1977
  • Department of Homeland Security, 2002
  • Department of Interior, 1849
  • Environmental Protection Agency, 1970
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1908
  • Central Intelligence Agency, 1942
  • Food & Drug Administration, 1862
  • National Security Administration, 1947
  • Bureau of Land Management, 1946
  • Internal Revenue Service, 1862
  • Department of Justice, 1870
  • Department of Agriculture, 1862
  • US Forest Service, 1891
  • Social Security Administration, 1935

Each of these, and many more, exercise unlawful authority over American citizens.  We do not have power to recall any officials in these agencies, and we also do not know of the volumes of new regulations  they enact each week, which impose new laws and penalties.

One of the most outrageous examples, and a perfect point of this out of control Government is the new regulation created to impose on all schools Michelle Obama’s school lunch plan.  Now, school’s will have funds withheld if they do not comply with the rule created by an illegal agency, and authored by someone who is not elected and not even employed by the Federal government!

We were warned repeatedly by the Founder’s to guard against this exact usurpation.  Alexander Hamilton stated that any such defiance, by public servants, of the Constitution would be a “treasonable usurpation upon the power and majesty of the people…”  George Washington warned that usurpation “is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”

The Founder’s philosophy was that “public officials who exceed the limits of the powers delegated to them by the people under their fundamental law and thus violate, or endanger, the people’s God-given, unalienable rights thereby and to this extent make of themselves defaulting trustees, usurpers, oppressors and tyrants.  They thereby act outside of this supreme law, which defines these limits and the scope of their authority and office, and therefore act without authority from the people.” – Hamilton A Long

These defaulting trustees–thus acting lawlessly–thereby free the people from any duty of obedience; because legally and morally, under Rule-by-law, obedience by the self-governing people is required only to Law and not to law-defying public servants. (ibid)