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Dream of a Huge Train Crashing Near Stadium

Dream of a Huge Train Crashing Near Stadium

5 Nov 2011:  In this dream, I was at an indoor stadium at some large celebration.  I saw a huge screen which would show the fireworks where were to be set off outside.

I intended to watch the fireworks outside, so I left the stadium and began walking, with a stream of people, to the large outdoor arena which would display the fireworks and also have other revelry like a parade.

I was looking around as I walked.  On the right side, near the stadium, there ran a railroad track, upon which I saw a small train with 4 cars.  Each was so decorated to take part in the parade soon to start.  The train continued on the track towards me, then followed the track as it turned sharply left, or away from the stadium.

As the last car came to the turn it broke away from the rest of the train and derailed.  Almost immediately, there was a large commercial train with many cars, following in the path of the first.  Because of the speed, the number of cars, and the weight, this train was very intimidating.  

There must have been some damage or some part left from that first minor derailment, because many, many cars derailed and were rolling and crashing toward the group of people who were walking to the stadium - right towards where I was.  

We had come right near the stadium.  I remember chaos and fear of everyone, as I ran for my life to avoid being hit by one of the wildly careening cars, which seemed to be going in all directions.  I finally found safety behind a cement wall that was part of the stadium.  

The crowd was in an uproar.  I did not perceive that it was only I who had seen the events with the small train, which preceded and indeed caused the larger train to crash.  I did wonder and was astonished that such a thing had not been witnessed by anyone else.

I saw the investigation into the cause of the accident, and they were very much mistaken in the cause.  So, I endeavored to find the Chief Investigator so that I might relate the true nature of the events, including the first crash.  For apparently, the first derailed car was nowhere to be found.