Dream of the Unresponsive Bus

In an unusual dream, I was driving a bus filled with people, and it appeared that I was driving on a college campus. I was desperately trying to navigate along a sidewalk, while avoiding many people who were milling about.

I was desperate because the steering and brakes of the bus, were almost non-responsive. It took all my strength to change the direction of the bus at all, and even though the bus was moving very, very slow, it seemed as if I could not fully stop no matter how hard I pressed the brake.

My concern was overwhelming, because I did not want to injure anyone, and I wanted to stay on the sidewalk. Then my journey ended and I was amazed that I had not caused any injury and I had completed my task safely.

I was tempted not to record this, because it didn’t make sense. But, I did, and more details came as I wrote. When I finished, I prayed to understand the meaning. That bus represents our mortal body. And the unresponsive steering and brakes are the efforts to strengthen our spirit and overcome the natural man. I found that every effort made at the wheel of that bus, was symbolic of trying to follow the promptings and guide of the Holy Spirit. Every ounce of strength used to press that brake, was to further increase my ability to respond to promptings. Even though, we may feel that we aren’t doing well or that we just don’t understand His communication well enough… Even though, it appears as if we are disastrous in our righteous efforts…if we continue to make every effort, at the end of our journey it will be enough to get us back home to our Father in Heaven. And, it will be miraculous in our eyes, because of the Grace of our Savior Jesus Christ.