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Dream that Promise of Fame & Fortune Leads Righteous to Communism

20 February 2013

Today I dreamed that I was with many Saints cleaning a meetinghouse.  Suddenly many fine people came and began search for members who wanted to become rich and famous.  They would have the opportunity to be in a movie, and further jobs after that.

Very many stopped the work to go try out, including me.  It seemed that the tryouts were held in the meetinghouse.  Photos were taken and lines were read, as the filtering process began.  There was great excitement, with many looking forward to great wealth.   I was reviewed with a small group of other hopefuls.  I was eliminated and standing aside, when a producer saw me and seemed pleased with my expression.

I was escorted through the process, and they neglected to ask me the key qualifying question that had been asked of everyone selected to go further.  That question was, “Do you have any problem being in an Atheistic/Communist movie.  It seemed that all my fellow Saints answered, “No.”  I had not been asked, and I pointed this out to my benefactor.  He had apparently assumed it was not a problem.  It was.  He asked me, and I declared I was not willing to do that.  Then, I was dismissed.

Now, I understand that the Saints will be tempted and tried with riches, but the must accept an atheistic/Communistic philosophy.  I was sad that so many well beloved Saints were willing to trade their moral compass for the riches being offered.