ISIS and the Secret Reign of Terror that Puts Them to Shame

If fanatics were beheading 1000 U.S. citizens per day, the people of this country would rise up and stop the bloodshed. The terror ISIS is spreading is outrageous, and I am quite sure that Americans would not stand by and let such a thing. Yet, as we sit in front of our media or go about our routines on this November day, there are more than 3000 citizens being beheaded in our country. These are our most defenseless, unborn infants.

Our media is a propaganda arm of the government and they want you to be outraged about the ISIS murders overseas. Also, they do not want you to think about the work of death in our own lands, so they do not speak of it. It is hidden by powers who want to destroy, or depopulate the earth. So many leaders have directly said that is their goal. The Georgia Guidestones states it most succinctly, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” We have 7.3 billion people. That would mean their goal is to kill 6.8 billion. Do you not see that abortion plays a major part in this effort? Abortion and war have been their primary tools for 45 years.

I urge you to shake off the drizzle of propaganda and take a real look at our situation.  Certainly, most of us were appalled to learn of the Aztec’s horrendous custom of human sacrifice.  But, here we are 500 years on, and we put them to shame in the slaughter department.  Rise up, dear fellow citizens, we must stop the murders in our own land, which are being financed by your tax dollars.