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Law of Restoration –Good for Good, Evil for Evil - but Magnified

Law of Restoration –Good for Good, Evil for Evil - but Magnified

There is a short mention of a little understood Christian doctrine in the Book of Mormon.  It is the idea that the positive or negative you put out into the world, by either thoughts or actions, is returned to you after it completes its circle.  And it is a magnified effect.

Alma 41

14 Therefore, my son, see that you are merciful unto your brethren; deal justly, judge righteously, and do good continually; and if ye do all these things then shall ye receive your reward; yea, ye shall have mercy restored unto you again; ye shall have justice restored unto you again; ye shall have a righteous judgment restored unto you again; and ye shall have good rewarded unto you again.
15 For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored; therefore, the word restoration more fully condemneth the sinner, and justifieth him not at all.

The Nemenhah record adds a deeper level of understanding, that will help us become better people.

Mahnti 4

54) Yea, His soul suffering caused the greatest movement of matter since the world was created. And the elements obeyed His will then, even as they do now, even as they always will obey His voice. But, in accordance with that great law wherewith He did command it in the beginning, all matter does move outward upon the world, and does return again to the origin of its movement. And when it did return, the moving, expanding, magnifying matter found the greatest act and utterance of faith since its own creation.

Pah Nahtahn 7

43) Wherefore, it behooves us all to continually experiment upon this faith, for it is that which holds sway in the Universe, even the substance of it. And behold, it is the movement of this substance that extends outward forever. Wherefore, what little you do in the spirit of peace here in this mortality, does progress and grow throughout all eternity.
44) And behold, eternity is a great hoop. And all that you send out into it does grow and expand as it moves matter upon matter. And because it is a great eternal round, that which you send out into it does return again unto you greatly magnified.

Tsihohnayah Ahkehkthihm 14

27) Behold, I would call your minds to that which I did teach the Nemenhah in times past, how that when you exercise faith you do cause a movement upon the matter of creation. When any matter is moved upon, behold, it is within the measure of its creation that it should move upon yet other matter. This movement continues outward from its point of origin, or in other words, from the original action. Now, this continues until it does return again to its origination. For all things may be described as one eternal round. And if all things may be so described, then the Universe is spherical.
28) And the same principle applies to all kinds and types of faith. For despair does also create this same kind of motion in the Universe. And it also moves outward from the source thereof continually until it too returns again unto its origination.
29) Therefore, it may be said that there is good faith and there is bad faith, or in other words, there is good intention and good action which brings about much good, and there is bad intention and bad action which brings about much evil. But faith is the action which causes the Universe to apply the principles round about which it is bound.
30) Now, when the movement of all things does return again unto its own source, and finds there great faith for good, the movement does combine again with that faith, which is a movement outward once again, and the good is greatly magnified.
31) And again, when the movement is caused by bad intentions and actions, that movement does also return again unto its own source. And if it finds there great faith for evil, the movement does combine even with that evil and it also is greatly magnified.
32) But behold, should evil movement flow out from the children of men and in continuing in its movement it returns again and encounters powerful movements of good, then is that evil countered in its movement. Yea, the outflowing good does so interfere with the power of the returning evil that it does counter it and cancel it.
33) Wherefore, I would call your attention to that great miracle which is made by the Tsiahn which the Nemenhah in this land have established. For, the rest of the world languishes in darkness and there is little of the love of the Heavenly in any of the nations of the world. But so much more powerful is the good than the evil that when the two encounter each other, behold, the evil is diminished.

Lamentation of Mehnipahsihts 3

3) And every man does dig a pit for his brother. Every woman does cast refuse in her sister’s well. And because they are so disposed toward even their own relations, behold, they do also injure the Earth and the waters. They do not speak of peace, for they can know nothing of it, going from hurt to hurt and injury to injury. For every wound wrought upon them they do return again two-fold, till they go from the shedding of blood to the shedding of blood.
4) And the father does injury upon his sons, and the mother upon her daughters. And together the family does injury upon the village. Yea, and the village does rise up together and does injury upon the community. And when the community is ripe, they carry the injury even to the region. Then is the nation overturned, for there is none left who seeks the good of the foundation. This is the constitution and the policy of the people and the Earth cries out.

Chapter 22

2) For we were at once hard pressed to provide even that small morsel that would preserve our own flesh from perishing. Wherefore, oft times we have turned away the beggar because of our impoverishment. And we reasoned with ourselves that we must first love ourselves and then our neighbor – that we must raise up from the well for our own first, and then return again if we were able to raise up for our neighbor to drink. Behold, if a people will all think of their own needs first, setting aside all thought of their fellowman until their own matters are cared for, they have no enduring Peace.

Chapter 23

4) If your thoughts do stray to that whereby you may replenish the Earth in all that you do take from Her, then are you Nemenhah. Surely, this is true stewardship. Truly, this is consecration, even that wherewith you do make sacred all with which you have to do. For behold, the Earth does give forth in great abundance and we have claim upon Her. But we must return again into Her. Let our returning give again more than our taking. Behold, the people who will not consider such things, they have no Enduring Peace and may lay no claim upon her.