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Dream of Many Skyscrapers Being Built Representing Evil Kingdom

Dream of Many Skyscrapers Being Built Representing Evil Kingdom

17 Jan 2012:  I dreamed I was in a huge skyscraper as it was being built.  I carried a box with papers and a tablet, with information that was for the purpose of destroying the building.  It was a very unsafe place.  There were thousands of workers, anxiously engaged in constructing this tower, nonetheless.  I saw that there were many, many towers being constructed in similar manner, all over the world.  

One of the workers thrust a sheet of drywall viciously at me.  My box was knocked onto the sheet of drywall which was immediately hammered into place above me.  I had lost the box and its contents, which was very distressing to me.  

I then found myself walking on the grounds, right outside the great building.  I was extremely astonished to find my box, with all the contents intact, just laying on the ground.  

I understand that the buildings are the construction of Satan's kingdom on earth, and there are very many who are actively helping him.  My efforts to thwart his evil work was the reason I was in the building, with the box.  And it is also the reason that I was attacked and separated from my resources.  Through miraculous means, these things are restored, so that I may continue my efforts.