Micah McGuire, Political Prisoner of Outlaw Government – His Story


My name is Micah McGuire. I am currently being detained as a political prisoner in the government’s quest to make an example of people like me, who were exercising their first amendment rights, in protest of the federal government’s ownership of 95% of land in the western United States.

I am asking for help from every patriotic American who stands for the constitution and justice.

The charges I am being faced with are significant. And if I am unable to properly defend myself, in a court of law, it will leave my loving wife and wonderful three children without means to support themselves; and without the father they love.

The charges against me have absolutely no merit. I am charged in aiding interstate extortion, and that I was a gunman who threatened, impeded, intimidated, interfered with, assaulted and extorted federal law enforcement officers.

This is absolutely untrue, as I conducted myself during the protest in a completely lawful manner.

My only crime is exercising my first amendment rights.

I was motivated to show up in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch in response to a video I saw of protestors not being allowed to peacefully assemble, and protest against the federal government.

After seeing the rights of the protestors being violated, I myself showed up to support the right to peacefully assemble and join the protest against the federal government, owning and occupying land within states they are not constitutionally allowed to own.

My heart was moved by what I saw. And I traveled to the protest site to see for myself what was happening.

My only crime is standing in opposition in a civil and lawful manner against federal control of land they are not authorized to own.

At no point did I ever interfere with law enforcement officers, nor did I ever brandish a weapon in any way.  At no point, did I draw a weapon against any person or government agent. The only weapon used that day was a prayer, that no-one would be hurt that day.

I am asking for your help, with lawyers and financial aid for my family. My prayer is that the truth of this matter will be heard and these false charges will be dropped.

Please spread the word and keep us all in prayer.

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