My Philosophy

This is a Christian nation. We have a heritage of Faith in this country. Our Founding Fathers were not afraid to mention God, for fear of offending someone. Besides, when did we become so overly sensitive that we have to guard carefully what we say in public. It has been a constant exposure to propaganda that has made sensitivity more a priority than to speak the truth. What has become of our freedom, that we have to coach our young children what not to say at school?!
For two thirds of the history of this grand American experiment, religion, faith and morals have been very much a part of the public dialog. Every schoolbook contained expressions of religious belief that was founded in Christianity. The Bible was a standard that was referred to frequently by politicians, educators, and business leaders. Within its pages are found some of the most precious truths and valued lessons of all time.
My name is Rozan Kitchen, and I am a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I believe that the Book of Mormon is a 2nd witness to Jesus Christ, for He said that in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall His word be established. It is a record of Christ’s visit to the American continent. The Book of Mormon and the Bible establish a complete panorama of God’s plan for us, and the marvelous work of Jesus Christ.
I refuse to be cowed by public pressure, into ignoring the lessons learned from the sacred writings of ancient prophets. I will stand for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not be ashamed to use His words, or the words of His disciples. Therefore, I frequently refer to relevant lessons and passages from the pages of these volumes, just as most writers did prior to 1900. I pray that you will find the great worth of these sacred documents, as they help us view the world we live in today. God Bless You.
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