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Native American Christian Hero Stories

Native American Christian Hero Stories

My family read about the stories of the Nemenhah Heroes this week:

For, when the snows come in Nehspehlhem there is no traveling from one place to another.  And this is because that the snow mounts up rapidly unto a very great depth and it becomes difficult for the horses to travel.  Wherefore, the people of Nehspehlhem do not travel in the winter months, but remain for the most part indoors.

And it is in these months of the year that the elders recite the stories of the Heroes of my people.

They tell the tale of Hahgohtl and his journey up the Aykihts. And also of the Twins who took of the miracle of the great fish and made the people well with the contents of its belly.  And also they recite the tales of Elahkohlahtaht and the Gahdiahntohnhehm.  And they also tell the stories of the Prophets who were called away down to preach against the wicked cities of the Waynahstitspah.

But the stories that were enjoyed the most by the children were those of the visit of the Great Healer, even that Ayahtsuhway Sahnhehmpteht, to the Nemenhah.  And the story tellers never embellished, but read directly from the scriptures about His visit and recited directly His teachings.

And it was when the children and the elders sat down to do work of all kinds inside the lodge that the elders did commence to tell the Hero stories. And all the people listened as they went about their labors.  And behold, this did shorten the day and cause it to pass meaningfully and with joy.  And also in this way did the elders reestablish the importance of the Good Word in the hearts of the young people and the children

Mohrhohnahyah 8:16-20

Reading this passage, pointed the place to start in telling about this remarkable record passed down by this Native American family. For, it is certainly of great worth to know and read the details of these things, especially the coming of the Savior, Ayahtsuhway Sahnhehmpteht, to teach them the Gospel of Christ.  I will begin with that story, in my next post. I invite you to subscribe to learn of this most incredible Hero story!