On Congress and Its Usurpation

“Any violation of the Constitution so as to accomplish an unauthorized purpose – for example, granting relief to such foreign refugees being sheltered within the United States, or perhaps within their own country, or by way of aid to any foreign country in any form whatever which is not directly related to the actual military defense of the American homeland, can never alter in the least the constitutional situation with regard to the power granted to Congress.  Such an act of usurpation, or even a great number of successive acts of usurpation, can never increase the power of Congress – can never change, or impair, or destroy, the limits on its power as prescribed by the sovereign people in the Constitution.  The power of Congress, as so limited, remains unchanged unless and until increased by the people only by amendment of the Constitution.  Any act of usurpation produces zero increase in power; and many acts of usurpation still produce zero increase.  Many times zero equals zero.” – Hamilton A Long