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Our Connection to Heavenly Parents

Our Connection to Heavenly Parents
Emma Jean Photography https://www.facebook.com/Emmajeanphotography12/

27 Aug 2011:  I dreamed we were all in a line.  We were each provided with the most extraordinary clothing.  Each of us were going to have the bottom literally drop out of our lives, like some strange, terrifying amusement park ride.  Each would have a different ride, and each must take it alone.  The destination for each was yet unknown.

I had my littlest ones immediately in front of me, where I was coaching them on how to get through.  There were others I was caring for, besides my own children.

I was impressed that this journey that seemed most terrifying to me, because a panel would unexpectedly open underneath where the the next one stood, to begin their individual journey.  I was taught that each would have an angel to accompany and guide him or her through the traumatic events as they unfolded.

The picture I get from this dream, is as a great umbilical cord we each have, which connects us to our Heavenly home.