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 Pete Santilli was arrested in Burns Oregon on January 26th, 2016 along with Ammon Bundy and what has grown to 23 others who are now incarcerated in The Multnomah County Detention Center in Portland Oregon.  A Grand Jury indictment claimed  that the group “did knowingly and willfully conspire and agree together and with each other and with persons known and unknown to the Grand Jury to prevent by force, intimidation and threats, officers and employees of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service from discharging the duties of their office at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.”  Pete Santilli vehemently denies that accusation.  He was never privy to nor did he ever support any plans the take-over of  The Malhuer Wildlife Refuge.
 Pete Santilli is the Cincinnati talk show host/journalist who traveled to Burns Oregon to specifically report on the corruption that allowed two local ranchers, Dwight & Steven Hammond, to be charged with terrorism and sent to prison — not just once, but twice.  Once in Burns Pete not only found that the Hammond’s had become victims of  Federal, State, and local corruption, but that many local residents & ranchers in Burns and surrounding Harney County were also suffering.  He reported on that suffering and gave the  people of Harney County a voice that would resonate not only in America, but around the world.  Before it was over millions of people would hear their message.
What would happen during his month long stay in Burns Oregon would push every boundary of his constitutional rights under the 1st amendment, not only as a journalist of the free press, but as an American citizen.  Pete was determined to shine a light on the abuse of power being perpetrated on the residents of Harney County Oregon by local officials for the benefit of the Federal Government through the Bureau Of Land Management – the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and their employees.
It is Pete Santilli’s belief that he was targeted, arrested, and then incarcerated, because he dared report the truth about what was really happening in Burns Oregon and that the Federal Government has much to answer for and much more to hide.
That the Federal Government seeks to punish him for uncovering and reporting on accusations made by over half of the residents of Burns, Oregon and surrounding Harney County.
That it was the testimony of the people in Burns that local officials did actively participate in and allow the Federal Government through their agencies known as the Bureau of Land Management – the United States Fish & Wildlife Service – and their employees —  to effectively strip the good people of Burns, Oregon and surrounding Harney County, of their constitutional right to redress of grievance through the courts by way of — threats of incarceration, intimidation, and extortion.
Pete contends that he became a threat to not only Sheriff  David Ward and Judge Steven Grasty’s control over the local populace, but that he also became a threat to the Federal Government.  It is clear that the Federal Government used the FBI to violate his 1st amendment right to free speech and freedom of the press.
The shift in the people’s attitude, who were once afraid to confront their fear of the government was swift and complete — THE PEOPLE BEGAN TO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHT TO BE HEARD — If the government failed in shutting up Pete Santilli they might never gain back control over the people they had enjoyed abusing for so long — and that’s why Pete Santilli was arrested — Not for anything he did — But for everything he said.
The people of Burns accused local official and co-conspirator Sheriff David Ward, of protecting the interest of Judge Steven Grasty, who routinely used his many positions of power to coverup Federal abuse.  Pete relayed “THE MESSAGE”  that resonated with the American people and people around the world.
What Pete Uncovered — A Long Train Of Abuses
The people of Burns Oregon & surrounding Harney County were threatened that  if any person were to solicit the help of law enforcement to investigate wrongdoing by the Federal Government and their employees  — they might face — as many already have —
Loss of job (Be Fired)
Loss of wages (Be Fired)
Loss of business (Be Boycotted By Government Employees)
Loss of community standing (Be Ostracized)
Loss of grazing rights permits (Once open range would suddenly be fenced off)
Loss of affordable grazing fees (Grazing fees become higher & impossible to pay)
Loss of Burn Permits (Not allowed to burn brush so new grass can grow – Not allowed to set backfires to save grazing land and/or homes)
Loss of Livestock (taken or slaughtered or starved)
Loss of Property (Stolen, burned, destroyed)
Loss of family & liberty ( Be Incarcerated)
Loss Of Business (Lose Permit To Run A Business In Town)
Loss of Government Subsidy (Loss Of Welfare or have it drastically Reduced)
Harassment (By local, county, state & federal law enforcement, the Bureau Of Land Management, the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, their employees and relatives of their employees)
Loss of Life (LaVoy Finicum)
His findings of corruption on all levels of government in Harney County Oregon
The wrongful death of LaVoy Finicum
The wrongful charges brought against the Malheur Refuge Occupiers
The wrongful arrest and charges against Cliven Bundy
The near fatal attempt by the FBI to create another Waco/Ruby Ridge style siege on the last remaining 4 at Malheur Refuge
The ongoing unconstitutional occupation by Federal Government & her agencies — on Public lands in The United States of America
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