Pizzagate Extends to Jim Jones’ People’s Temple Mass Murder in Jonestown Guyana – Cablegate

California was complicit in trafficking children clear back in 1978.

We all know that hundreds of people died in a mass “suicide” in Jonestown, Guyana, in 1978.  The common perception which was fed by the complicit media is that all those people were willing participants and drank the Kool-Aid laced with cyanide.  However, detailed investigations have proven that the majority of the people were shot, or received an injection of the poison in the middle of the back.

The reason this is relevant now, is because of recent Cables released by Wikileaks, we can see that not only was the government guilty of creating the People’s Temple in California using their MK-Ultra methods of mind control, but the State of California provided them with many dozens of children to abuse, and eventually kill.  Below are two excerpts from documents released.


Jonestown Guyana People’s Temple Immigrants, 1977 September 6

It seems very strange since children for the most part have only been in Guyana no more than four months.  Someone had to apply for passports for them and allow them to travel.  A separate question pertains to the children who have been awarded to Jones and other members of the People’s Temple by the State of California.  Presumably courts there agreed to their removal from State jurisdiction when they were brought here.  If not, are then Jones and People’s Temple in violation of California law?

5. Action Requested: Since about 130 – 150 children are here who reportedly were formerly considered to be wards to the State of California, request department contact appropriate State official concerning this question…

Transcript of that part of the non press briefing dealing with Guyana, Wednesday, November 29, 1978

Question from reporter named Laura:  Over the last few years my publications have obtained documents, largely from government agencies through FOIA requests.  They document that this cult and other cults like it are not religious, but were deliberate synthetic creations, part of a series of projects that included the MK-Ultra operation, that was run through British Intelligence Control over a section of the CIA, was run through Aldous Huxley and Gregory Bates out of Palo Alto…

A multi-million lawsuit brought by Congressman Ryan’s daughter named Jones as a “CIA operative.” The lawsuit was dismissed on a technicality and was never tried. In fact there was only one lawsuit relating to Jonestown that was brought to trial. This was the case brought against People’s Temple member, Larry Layton, for murdering Congressman Ryan, which was prosecuted by San Francisco U S Attorney Joseph Russoniello. Layton was found guilty as charged. Clayton’s defence attorney, claiming that Clayton was under mind control, tried to examine Dwyer about his CIA work but was blocked by the trial Judge on arguments from Justice Department attorneys representing Dwyer. These and over facts about the case have led some to question if the trial was an attempt to control and minimise what may have been a sensitive CIA mind control experiment.