Rights and Responsibilities We Have to the Bundys, LaVoy Finicum and Others that Protested in Oregon

It is increasingly clear that most Americans have no idea what rights they have as citizens of the United States of America. The Supreme law of the land, which is the Constitution, is the bedrock of our nation. There should not ever be any law enacted which violates those principles. We are, however, at an extremely critical time in our history where we find that our legislative regulations, at all levels of government, are brimming with corrupt and illegal pretended laws. They are pretended because they are necessarily void and without force if they do not comply with the standard as set for in the Constitution.

It is time to wake up and press forward on our of our political servants to re-establish the primacy of the Constitution, and restore those principles of freedom which are promised to the people. I will offer a series of essays which will provide a foundation for understanding of our rights, responsibilities and recourse for the governing of this nation of free citizens.

Our Founding Father’s and the citizens of that era had a very good understanding of the causes and effects of a civilization’s rise and fall. They recognized that the success of governments depended upon the people being virtuous and alert to the actions of the government. As their ancestors, we have not been taught these things, nor what responsibilities we carry. I will use their own words to help us understand, and see how we must proceed in getting out of the crises that we are in. Also, I will liberally quote from “Your American Yardstick” by Hamilton A Long. When using a quote from Long, I will merely italicize the passage, to indicate the quote.

In the Oregon standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve, we found men and women, spurred by the frank injustice to the Hammond’s re-incarceration, making a stand for freedom and justice in these United States. Samuel Adams offered the following words of counsel:

The true patriot therefore, will enquire into the causes of the fears and jealousies of his countrymen; and if he finds they are not groundless, he will be far from endeavoring to allay or stifle them; On the contrary, constrained by Amor Patriae[1], and from public views, he will by all proper means in his power foment and cherish them; He will, as far as he is able, keep the attention of his fellow citizens awake to their grievances; and not suffer them to be at rest, till the causes of their just complaints are remove.

If he finds, upon the best enquiry, the want of ability or integrity; that is, an ignorance of, or a disposition to depart from, the constitution, which is the measure and rule of government & submission, he will point them out, and loudly proclaim them; He will stir up the people, incessantly to complain of such men, till they are either reformed, or removed from that sacred trust, which it is dangerous for them any longer to hold.

Have you investigated the causes of the fears and jealousies of our fellow citizens in Oregon? If not, why not? How may you find out if they are groundless or not? You must understand that to investigate these fears and jealousies, you must not rely on the word of the spokespeople that are sent forward from the ranks of the governments by which these investigated offenses have occurred. It is with great sorrow that I have come to understand that probably more than 90% of our fellow citizens do listen to the voice of these who are a part of the problem being investigated. The same may be said of the mainstream news sources, because if you haven’t noticed they are but an extension of the government, being the propaganda arm.

Please investigate the claims of our countrymen. Do not take the easy road and accept the demonization of the men and women that stood their ground in the remote Oregon wilderness. Study the history and events that show a conspiracy to deprive the Hammonds and other land owners of their property. Investigate the claims that the Federal government is not allowed to retain great tracts of land in the states. The Constitution outlines the limits of their land ownership. Explore the fundamental liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and how it relates to the protesters, and condemns the brutal and egregious response by the FBI and State Police.

James Otis said, “The only worthy principles of public conduct…are to sacrifice estate, ease, health and applause, and even life, to the sacred calls of his country. These manly sentiments, in private life, make the good citizen; in public life, the patriot and hero.

In Oregon, one man sacrificed his life to the sacred call of his country. Twenty-four others sacrificed their estate, ease and applause for their country. According to Otis, they are heroes. We must regard them as such, and get busy and “loudly proclaim” the departure of our governments from the bounds of the Constitution. We must “incessantly complain” about these who are supposed to be servants of the people. Let us not quiet our voices, as theirs are now quieted behind prison walls or in the grave. On us rests the responsibility to “keep the attention of our fellow citizens awake to their grievances; and not suffer them to be at rest, till the causes of their just complaints removed.”

[1] Love of country