The Finders’ Marion Pettie and the Creation of a CIA International Child Sex Ring – Investigative Report Part 8


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STEAMSHOVEL DEBRIS, Marion Pettie, The Finders

Readers will find the most interesting material that circulates about the Finders below. It comes from an memo entitled “Investigative Leads” with the attribution that it was “produced sometime during the 1980s/authorship unknown.”

Pettie met Joseph Chiang, a Chinese agent operating under Journalistic cover, in 1939 and remained in close contact with him throughout the war. Around this time Pettie also made Connections with the OSS (a precursor to the CIA), through George Varga, Earl D. Brodie and Nick Von Neuman (John Von Neumann’s brother) – all low-level OSS officers.

Sometime near the end of the war, Chiang introduced Pettie to Charles E. Marsh, at the National Press Club. Marsh, who ran the best private intelligence network of his era and was an intimate of FDR, Henry Wallace and later Lyndon Johnson, became, Pettie’s mentor and role model, shaping his career. (Marsh’s mentor and role model was Colonel Edward M. House, who was a personal advisor to President Wilson, circa 1919, often mentioned in connection to the Council on Foreign relations).

Marsh died in December 1964. His last known address was Austin, Texas.
In the 1950s and 60s Marsh provided funds for Pettie to purchase hundreds of acres of farmland in Madison and Rappahannock Counties, near his estate in Culpeper County. Later, Pettie arranged for William Yandell Elliott (1896- ) of Harvard University to purchase a property adjacent to him, in Madison County.
Elliott was a government professor at Harvard University who was on the National Security Council’s planning board and a trustee of Radio Liberty (sponsored by the CIA). As of 1984 Elliott was a board member of Accuracy in media. He wrote numerous books.

In 1946 Pettie, acting as chauffeur to General Ira Eaker, Marsh arranged for him to be trained in counterintelligence in Baltimore, Maryland. Around this time Pettie established close ties to two guards of atom bomb secrets, Captain Michael Altier (?) and Major Harry Wolanin, both retired.

In 1954 Pettie recruited Eric Heiberg who lost his NSA clearance at about this time. Heiberg was redeployed as a private investigator and subsequently as a talent spotter at Georgetown University (now retired). Pettie received intelligence training at Georgetown University in 1956 and was sent to USAF intelligence training school in Frankfurt, Germany in 1956-1957.

Through Marsh, Pettie got his wife a job with the CIA from 1957 to early 1961, working in Washington as secretary and in Germany for the Chief of Station, Frankfurt- Colonel Leonard Weigner, USAF (deceased 1990) trained Pettie and advised Pettie retire from active military service and surround himself with kooks, recruiting agents from youth hostels and universities.

Major George Varga became Pettie’s case officer, relaying Weigner’s instructions until Varga died in the 1970s. Under Varga’s instructions, Pettie recruited a network of agents in Europe, including Dr. Keith Arnold (recruited in Paris in 1958) who he accompanied to Moscow in 1959 or 1960. Arnold, currently based in Hong Kong with the Roche Foundation, has made over 40 trips to mainland China and has stayed in contact with Pettie. In the 1960s Pettie established connections with the ‘beat’ movement.

Norman Mailer and Dick Dabney (died in November 1981) frequented his Virginia farm. Dabney’s widow Dana has extensive files on Pettie. Peter Gillingham (intermediate Technology. Palo Alto, CA) and Christopher Sonne (currently Goldman Saches, NY) met Pettie in Moscow in 1961.

In the early 60s Pettie allowed Ralph Borsodi and Mildred Loomis to use his Virginia property
for the School of Living, a ‘decentralist’ one-world government front organization. Around 1964 Pettie recruited Bosco Nedelcovic and deployed him to penetrate the Institute for Policy Studies (he is currently an interpreter at the war College in Washington).

In 1967 or 1968 Pettie established a ‘futurist, network, assisting Edward S. Cornish in founding the World Future Society and working through Roy Mason and John Naisbitt. At this time Pettie also penetrated the hippy drug culture through retired naval intelligence officers Wait Schneider (Timothy Leary and Billy Hitch****’s private pilot) and Willard Poulsen (cut out between Pettie activities and those of Leary at Millbrook),

In 1971 Pettie infiltrated the ‘human potential’ movement, setting up Ken Kesey (Living Love) as a prominent guru and working through Dr. Stephen Beltz (related to Judith Beltz, a behavior modification specialist more recently deployed to the Institute of Cultural Affairs and the Meta Network cult.

This is a portion of an interview of Marion Pettie

Q: How far back can you trace the origins of the Finders?

A- I had two apartments back in the 30s and 40s in Washington and just kept open house. It was supported by the gift economy and I would throw something in, Some people would say I threw in my good taste. So anyway, it goes bark that far. Four people here with me now have been with me for over twenty-five years- In fact, I kept another thing called the Free State back in the hippy period, back in the mountains here….

Q: This was where?

A: About twenty miles from here. About a hundred people would usually be there at any one time. A few other people have done that. A man named Gottlieb, have you ever heard of him, a musician? He kept open house like that and the government came out and closed him down. But the local authorities let me keep it going up there.

Q: This was the 40s?

A: No, we’ve moved up to the 60s here. Before that, just to give you an idea of the time period, the sheriff came out and put a gun on me one day and said, “show me some ID.” I showed it to him and he says, “Oh, I know you. You’re the guy what keeps beatniks.” So I kept open house to beatniks. We’re talking about the 50s now. Going back to World War 11, 1 kept open house mainly to intelligence and counterintelligence people in Washington. OSS people passing through, things like that. So the open house at that time was more or less at that level. The main ones were beatniks, though, like Dick Dabney. Ever heard his name?…

Q: What do you make then of these stories that connect the Finders up to a pedophilia ring in the CIA?

A- The pedophiles and all that stuff..

Q: That’s all smear?

A: I just kept open house to a lot of the counter-intelligence and intelligence people over the years. I have been reported to their security officers probably plenty of times for trying to find out what’s going on in the world. I’ve tried all of my life to get behind the scenes in the CIA. I sent my wife in as a spy, to spy on the CIA for me. She was very happy about it, happy to tell me everything she found out. She was in a key place, you know with the records, and she could find out things for me. And my son worked for Air America which was a proprietary of the CIA. There are some connections, but not to me personally.

Q: But do you have any suspicions … the Finders sounds like a real open group that attracts a lot different elements … disinformation stories could be planted by certain elements to try to connect it to pedophilia…

A: The reason the CIA wouldn’t hire me is that they wouldn’t have the control factor over me. That’s one of the things. They may have used me at some time without me knowing it. They have categories of unwitting agents. Maybe you two were sent here by them. But I’m pretty open about this kind of stuff, though. They wouldn’t hire me as a contract employee because wouldn’t sign the papers. Anybody that’s a contract employee must sign an agreement and then they pay you out the money. Well, I don’t need the money, but I am trying to find out all about them. Basically, the one sentence about the CIA is that I have been studying them since before they were burn, I was studying them back in the 30s. It was ONI Back then [Office of Naval Intelligence], and then the Coordinator of Information comes on, and after that it turns. into the OSS and OSS turns into the CIAU and the CIAU_ turns into the CIA. So I’ve been studying that all of my life. But I wasn’t personally working for them.

Q: The renown case, of course, took place in Florida.

A: Would you like to hear about it?

Q: I’d like to hear everything you have to say about it, actually.

A: It’s very simple, We had the kids and the general idea was that they would go up to the country up there, twenty miles from here, and they would go to school, a self-governing school. Adults would be available to them, intelligent, well-balanced people. And they would never be alone with it kid so that no one could accuse them of any pedophiles stuff. At least two would have to be there. As far as I know, they did all that. Then they were just taking them on a camping trip to Florida. There were four intellectuals with them and they just happen to drive into a park and somebody was suspicious because the two men were well dressed They had four people with them on the trip and they were all well- educated, well-balanced people. So I don’t think them was any funny stuff going on.

Q: There were just police suspicions?

A: Well, somebody called up and said, “there’s two well-dressed men with some kids in a van over there,” So the police come and then they take them down and by their standards these well-dressed men weren’t answering the questions properly- So then they called Washington and somebody in the Washington police says, “Yeah, we know those people. They’re Finders and we’re just about to find out what they’re up to up here and we’ll use this as an excuse to go in
there and rig them.”

Q: So you were still under surveillance by them.

A: Surveillance? I have been personally, I know, for forty years because in other countries and so forth, counter-intelligence, come out and want to know what I’m doing … if you go around acting mysterious and just find out what’s going on, naturally, people come to find out what it is.

Q: So then it snowballs. First there are unfounded suspicions by these people and the police. The local police connect to here in Washington and they say, “oh yeah, we know about the Finders,” and that plays into their paranoia.

A: Then it goes back down to here.- Like I said, in the 60s I was under surveillance for four years, from ’64 to ’68, and they get all their files out and everybody starts comparing them. Basically, they come up with idea that “we don’t know what with the, idea they’re doing. We don’t know who they’re connected with,” What were those people called in Holland?