The Reluctant Witness, the Taser, and a Government Operation – Investigative Report Part 4

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Years after Johnny Gosch disappeared, a new witness appeared.  This witness was the only one to have actually seen Johnny’s kidnapping.  We learn about what he saw in an interview from August 2005, by  Charlene Fassa, “Noreen Gosch Speaks About – Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch And The Attempted Theft Of Her Book ‘Why Johnny Can’t Come Home.’”

CHARLENE: After all these years, a fearful eye-witness finally came forward and detailed what really had happened to Johnny Gosch on the day he was kidnapped. He illuminated a crucial, hidden aspect of Johnny’s abduction. He knew Johnny wasn’t a runaway, he had watched Johnny’s abduction unfold from a window in the safety of his home. What’s the significance of this new revelation after all these years? Could this new eye-witness report officially reopen the Johnny Gosch case?

NOREEN: We learned 22 years later that the only eye-witness to the kidnapping was forced to change his story years ago by the police chief. He saw a man shoot Johnny with a stun gun, saw him fall, then be thrown into the back seat of a waiting car. The witness instead stated he only heard the slamming of a car door. By the changing of the story 22 years later, it allowed the Police chief, Orval Cooney deniability and then call Johnny a “runaway child” instead of “kidnapped child”. We also later learned the same police chief had been attending the sex parties in Omaha Nebraska with the Franklin kids, so it is no mystery why he was trying to “bury the Johnny Gosch story/case”.

That interview ten years ago gives a critical piece of information that blows the case wide open.  The kidnapper incapacitated Johnny using a Taser.  In February 2009, Jack Cover, inventor of the stun gun, aka Taser died.  An LA Times article about Jack’s death, describes the history of the Taser:

In 1970, he formed Taser Systems Inc., believing that his invention of a weapon that could stun but not kill an assailant would have wide appeal. But because the Taser used gunpowder to launch the darts, the federal government considered it a firearm, a classification that ruled out a civilian market and also discouraged police and military sales.

The LAPD had rejected the Taser twice during the 1970s, Meyer recalled, but reconsidered in 1979 after the controversy involving Eula Love, a South Los Angeles woman who was shot to death by LAPD officers in a confrontation over an unpaid gas bill. As a result of field tests with the LAPD in 1980, Cover won department approval with an 11-watt Taser that proved more effective than his initial 7-watt model, Meyer said. But sales remained limited and the business collapsed.

That stun gun used in Johnny’s kidnapping was not allowed in the hands of civilians, and it discouraged any use by police or military.  Cover’s business collapsed and was not revived until the 1990s.  Yet, somehow a man had one of those stun guns to carry out a heinous crime.  A crime jam packed with clues leading to a government conspiracy at every level in this country.  The police chief knew the witness’ testimony would necessarily open an investigation on just how that man had obtained that exceedingly rare Taser in 1982.

The operation of a Taser in a case from 1982 implicates a government agency.  The kidnapper obtained it to procure children for the use of elite men in child trafficking, mind control, and every other depraved act detailed by Johnny, Paul and hundred of others.

Through the voice of the witnesses, we learn the prime force behind the sex slavery operation is the CIA.  And the purpose, according to Paul Bonicci, is to take over the US Government.  We see how effectively that take-over is in the fact that more than 30 years ago, a police chief, low man on the Government totem pole, was himself compromised so that he had to squash any evidence that a Taser was used.  He knew.

Over thirty years ago, this secret, dark cabal had become so entrenched that they had neutered an entire Police force.  Can you not begin to see why our government, media and business leaders act the way they do?  Can you not begin to understand the absolute, crushing power that extends into every dark corner of this nation?  Do you understand that a faction of our government has for years been using our kids, boys and girls, to compromise leaders in government, media and business.

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