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What the Nemenhah Natives of North America Were Taught by Jesus Christ

What the Nemenhah Natives of North America Were Taught by Jesus Christ

The following account may be found in the FIRST BOOK OF OHUHGOHUH, in the AYAHTKUHYAHT NEMENHAH record.

43) And behold, when the days were accomplished the whole people were exceedingly anxious for the sign to come.

44) Yea, the Nemenhah, all in one accord gathered in the Council Lodges and at the Tuhhuhl Nuhmehns and prayed earnestly for the sign. And we came fasting and rejoicing, for, though opinions differed, we were a united and faithful people. And we gathered together to see the sign.

45) Behold and hearken you ends of the earth! The sign did come, for the day dawned but there was no light. And the earth shook mightily and the air was exceedingly heavy so that no light would pierce the darkness.106

46) Yea, and the gulls fled before the darkness and were not seen in Mayntinah, and all livestock brayed in terror and in anguish.

47) Yea, there was a great commotion as of the rushing tide of the sea and many foundations of homes and buildings did break up. Nevertheless, the people were all preserved and cried out with a joyous shout unto the Peacemaker.

48) And in the midst of the thick darkness we heard a voice saying:

49) Woe, woe unto all the people of the earth. Woe unto the inhabitants of the whole earth lest they repent, for the adversary makes sport with his angels over the slain of the fair sons and daughters of my people. And it is because of the iniquity of my people that they are fallen.

50) Behold, the great city of Tzahrahhehmlah and all her people I have burned with fire.

51) And behold, that great city Mohrhohnayhah and all her people I have sunk in the sea.

52) And behold, that great city Mohrhohnayahay and all her people I have covered with earth, because of their abominations. Yea, the blood of the Prophets and of the saints have I hidden with earth that it cry no longer unto Me.

53) And thus the voice did rehearse the fate of all the cities, yea, the mighty cities of the Waynahstitspah.

54) Yea, the city of Kihlkahl was sunk, and the city of Ohihah, and of Mohkohohn, and of Ayahtsahlehm with it.

55) And the cities of Gahdiahnday and of Gahdiahmnah and of Ayahkohb, and of Gihmgihmnoh, which were cities built high upon hilltops, are no more, for they are covered in earth and new hills and new valleys are found in the stead thereof.

56) And that city of Ayahkohbuhkahts, of which we had heard rumor, where the people had made Ayahkohb king, was burned with fire for their great wickedness. For it was that people of Ayahkohb that had destroyed the peace of the land.

57) And the city of Lahmahn, and of Ayohts and Kahts and of Kihstkumahn, which did cast out the Prophets and stoned the messengers of the Peacemaker, are burned and all the people with them. Yea, because they did cast out the believing, there was none righteous in them, and they were consumed in fire which was sent down from heaven.

58) And the voice did not cease the horrible tale of destruction until all the cities that were destroyed had been counted. Then the voice continued:

59) Oh, all ye that have not perished in this great commotion because ye are the more righteous of the people, will ye not return unto me with full purpose of heart? Will ye not repent of your sins and be changed, that I may heal you? Yea, if ye come unto me, verily, ye shall have eternal life.

60) Behold, I extend the hand of mercy unto you and whomsoever will come, shall I receive. Blessed are they who come unto me.

61) I am Ayahtsuhway Sahnhehmpeht (Jesus Christ), the Son of Aylohhihm. I created all things in the heavens and all things in the earth. I counseled with the Creators on your behalf in the beginning. I am in the Creators, and the Creators are in me, for the Creators have given me even all They possess.

62) I came unto my own and they received me not. And the words of the Prophets concerning my coming are all fulfilled in me. And, unto as many as have received me, behold I have given them the Way, that they may receive of the Creators even as I.108 So shall I do forever, unto all those who shall believe on my name, for, from the beginning the redemption hath been by me.

63) I am the light and life of the World, I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. For my purposes did I give the law unto Mohtsah, yea, and for my holy purpose is the Law of Mohtsah fulfilled.

64) Therefore, ye shall offer up unto me no more sacrifices by the shedding of blood. Yea, ye shall no more offer your burnt offerings. For henceforth, the acceptable offering shall burn with fire, but of the Haymehnay. But ye shall offer for a sacrifice before me a broken heart and contrite spirit. 109

65) Yea, for him who cometh before me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit shall burn with that Fire of the Haymehnay that changed the righteous Lahmahnhah, because of their faithfulness in seeking me.

66) And they knew it not, for the change was imperceptible to them at the time of their conversion. Yet I knew it, for I did baptize them with Fire and with the Haymehnay and they were no more as other men. Come ye likewise unto me.

67) Behold, I have come unto the World to bring redemption unto it. I have come to redeem the world from the separation. Therefore, repent and come unto me as a little child, for of such is the Kingdom of The Aylohhihm.

68) Yea, all things but man obey the voice of their Creator even as a little child obeyeth the voice of his father. Come ye likewise and I will receive you.

69) It is for this cause I did lay down the life of my body110 (separation), and also for this cause did I take it up again.

70) Wherefore, I laid down the World;112 for I am in the World and of the World, and the very power by which the World was made. And I take it up again so that all that is subject unto me may become the salvation of all those who repent and come unto me.113

71) Therefore, repent and come unto me ye ends of the earth.

72) Now, behold, we heard these words in our Council Lodges and at the Tuhhuhl Nuhmehns, and the same voice was heard by all the people, and all the Nemenhah testify and witness of it. And the saying filled the people with joy, for they knew that all the words of the Prophets had been fulfilled.

73) But they were the more filled with joy because of the prophecy that had yet to be accomplished. For they all remembered that it was also prophesied that they would see the Peacemaker's face.

74) Wherefore, the people were not afraid and were not silent, but in a tumultuous and joyous sound, began all to speak and to prophesy, and even some were so overcome with joy that they did fall down to the earth.

75) And it came to pass that the darkness did follow for three days and this was further witness to the Nemenhah that they did not believe in vain.

76) Wherefore, they did all the more rejoice and did not cease in calling upon the name of their Peacemaker. And thus they continued for many days after.

77) Yea, when they were in their homes, they did call upon His name. And when they were in their fields and among the flocks, they did incline the head. And in the Meeting Houses, they raised the hand of fellowship one to another and joyfully cried unto the Peacemaker.

78) And not many days after the sign, I was in the Tuhhuhl Nuhmehn with a great many of the Tiwehkthihmptsah of the Nemenhah and there was a great multitude of people gathered about the Tuhhuhl Nuhmehn when a voice was heard out of heaven. Not as the sound of a trump, but it was a voice which did penetrate the very soul and all the people recognized the voice at once. For the voice spoke not to the ears, but to the heart and filled the hearer with unspeakable joy.114

79) Now, the people began to marvel and ponder concerning the voice, for it pierced the hearer even to the very center and caused both limb and joint to tremble. Yet, the heart was filled with exceeding great joy, wherefore, they did marvel because it did weaken the frame but strengthen the soul.

80) Now, this is the way with spiritual things. The physical body has capacity to withstand temporal things, and yet fail in the face of the spiritual. Verily, the Haymehnay speaks but the flesh is weak.

81) Therefore, the people marveled that such joy could come, though the body could not withstand. But as for me, I did not marvel because I have often trembled when the Haymehnay speaks. Therefore, I did know that the voice was the voice of an Heavenly Being, for we felt it profoundly but understood not the words of the voice.

82) And again the voice spoke and the people did marvel much, for the effect the voice had on them was sweet, but they understood not the voice. And the people did altogether lift up their eyes unto the heavens and did reach to the heavens with their hands. Yea, and they did altogether beg for understanding.

83) Now, as the people did steadfastly ask for understanding with all diligence and not doubting that they would indeed receive answer to their petition, when the voice was heard the third time, they understood the voice, and the voice said unto them:

84) Rejoice all ye people of the Peacemaker! Rejoice all ye who have kept the statutes of the Creators! Break forth ye heavens for the King cometh even to judge His people and He has found some who seek His face! They shall verily see Him as He is and He shall establish them among the blessed!

85) Then another voice was heard, saying:

86) Behold My Beloved Son, of whom the Prophets spoke and Angels do testify. In Him I am glorified. Hear ye Him.

87) This voice they did clearly understand and many did fall upon the earth when they heard it, for they never supposed that they would ever hear the voice of Tsi Aylohway, the Sky Father.

88) Yea, against all expectations they had heard the voice of the Sky Father, and they knew without doubt that their Father in Heaven is real and that which the Prophets had spoken concerning Him was true.

89) Therefore, some thought that having revealed this much to them, that He was about to show all things to them and they fell down to the earth.

90) And many also did look up to the heavens from whence came the two voices115 and behold, they saw a man descending out of Heaven. The robe of the man was white, or perhaps not white, for it shone with a brightness that is exceedingly bright, wherefore, the color of it cannot be understood.

91) This man came and stood upon the approach before the Tuhhuhl Nuhmehn on the side which faced toward the rising of the sun.116 And the whole congregation stood with their eyes fixed upon Him.

92) Then the Man, looking on them steadfastly and smiling upon them, stretched forth His hands toward them, saying:

93) Behold, I am Ayahtsuhway Sahnhehmpeht, whom my servants the Prophets taught you should come. I was born among my own and my own received me not.

94) And I did drink the bitter cup which the Creators gaveth me to drink, and have extended and begun the finishing of the Creator's work by taking upon me not only the light and life of the world but also the sins of all living. In this I have conjoined with the will of the Creators in all things even from the beginning, worlds without end.

95) Arise and come forth unto me, that ye may prove my words. Yea, come and thrust your hands into my side from which flowed that which preserves the life of the body. Yea, come feel the prints of the nails in my hands and feet, wherewith man bethought to restrain the work of their Peacemaker. All this that ye may know that I am the Creator of Itsrahhayl and the Peacemaker of the whole earth, and was slain for the sins of the World.

96) Then all the people came forward and did as He told them. He extended His hands to them and they took His hands in theirs and they knew that this truly was a real and tangible man.

97) And they also knew, each one of them by their own experience and not by any other man's words, that this was the man of whom the scriptures bear record.

98) And when all the people had all gone forth one by one to embrace the Peacemaker, a sound such as has never before been heard rose up from the Tuhhuhl Nuhmehn.

99) For the voice of the people joined with the voices of Angels, singing;

100) Hosanna! This is the Peacemaker our Creator, most holy and most high!

101) And they all bowed themselves to the earth before Ayahtsuhway and ceased not to sing praises before Him.

102) And the Peacemaker spoke to the multitude, saying:

103) Ohuhgohuh! Come forth!

104) For I stood alike the people, all amazed and worshipping my Peacemaker.

105) Behold thy brethren are well and shall return unto thee by and by. Wherefore, be thou of good cheer and despair not, for, because of their righteousness in declaring my word unto the people of the City of Ayohts and the city of Gad and of Kihshkumhahn, I preserved them when I caused fire to utterly consume the cities. Yea, so great was their faith in me that they did walk through the fires and were consumed not.

106) But their hearts are exceedingly heavy, wherefore, prepare thou a place for them.

107) I have called my servant Nayfi, the son of Nayfi who did sojourn with thee, to be one of the Twelve unto whom I have given authority, Yea, even the first among them. Yea, and eleven others have I chosen among the people of the Waynahstitspah. I did the same among my own and so shall I do among thine.

108) Therefore, my servant Ohuhgohuh, I give unto thee authority to make purification in my name and to teach all to receive the Haymehnay. Yea, I set thee apart as Tiwehkthihmpt unto your people, even a Tehk Tiwehkthihmpt.117

109) Wherefore, I give unto thee authority to choose twelve other righteous people from among thy councils. And I shall give them authority to work under thy direction to govern the Church.118

110) And they shall teach all this people and those who believe on their words shall they purify with water. Wherefore, if they believe and are purified in my name, them shall I baptize with Fire and with the Haymehnay.

111) Blessed art thou if thou believest and art purified in my name after thou hast seen me and know that I am, but more blessed are they who shall hear thy words and believe in me because of thy testifying.

112) Yea, blessed are they who shall hear thy words and humble themselves in purification for they shall be visited with Fire and with the Haymehnay and shall enter onto the Way. Howbeit, because they shall find me and see my face because of faith, they shall have received a remission of their sins.120

113) Wherefore, Ohuhgohuh, I give unto thee power and authority over the Church in this region, to organize and to govern it.

114) And it shall not be as difficult for thee to do this as for other peoples upon the face of this land unto whom I must also go so that they also might see my face and believe in me.

115) Yea, the fulfilling of the Law of Mohtsah will be no great change for thee, for the Nemenhah have always listened to my Prophets and have followed me even without seeing me.

116) But that there not arise disputations among you, after that thou hast organized my Church here in Mayntinah, and in the land round about, and when thou shalt have taught all the people my words – and they desire to be purified by baptism, this is the manner in which thou shalt do it:

117) Behold, thou whom my servant has anointed, shalt take hold of them and lead them into the water and stand in the water with them, and when thou art down in the water thou shalt call them by name and say:

118) Having been commanded and set apart by Ayahtsuhway Sahnhehmpeht I baptize you in the Name of the Aylohhihm, and of the Son, and of the Haymehnay. So be it.121

119) Yea, for behold I say unto thee, because of the covenant wherewith I have received the fullness of the Creator, I am in the Creator and the Creator is in me. And it is by the power of the Haymehnay that the covenant was made. Therefore are We one, I in the Creator and the Creator in me.

120) And this thou shalt have for doctrine. For all that I teach thee shall testify of the Creators and lead thee to the Creators. Wherefore, whoso believeth in me believeth in the Creators also. Wherefore, the Haymehnay, by whom We are one, shall enter into the heart of the believer and shall purify even with Fire.

121) Verily I say unto you, ye must be baptized with water and this by immersion. For even so did I to fulfill righteousness, and also to become an ensample unto you. This is the covenant of the body, the beginning of the testament, even the door that opens onto the strait and narrow path which leads unto life eternal.122

122) Wherefore, whoso believeth and is purified by water shall begin upon the road that giveth onto the Way.

123) Now, after that thou hast purified them, thou shalt lay thine hands upon them and bless them and sharply exhort them to receive the Haymehnay.

124) And if they offer unto me a sacrifice measured equal for repentance, even a contrite and humble spirit, the Aylohhihm will bestow upon them the Gift of the Haymehnay.

125) Wherefore, the baptism of water is their declaration of the covenant and the Baptism of Fire is the declaration of Aylohhihm that they shall endure to the finishing of the work and become even as They are.

126) Behold, this is my doctrine, and I shall show other doctrine to those who come unto me.

127) Yea, whoso cometh unto me shall speak with the tongues of Angels for they shall see and converse with Angels and shall speak to them as one man speaketh unto another. Yea, this is my doctrine and there shall be no other doctrine of baptism given except to those with whom, in mine own time, I do make mine abode.

128) Thou shalt not alter the manner in which thou prayest, for the Nemenhah have listened to the Prophets I have raised up unto you.

129) Therefore, continue to let thy prayers ascend unto the Creator, pleading for the poor and the lonely and unfortunate in my name, and I will hear thy prayers by the power of the Haymehnay. Yea, even by that power I shall answer thee and bless thee.

130) Yea, pray always to the Aylohhihm and give thanks unto Them and make thine entreaties directly unto Them in my name. Wherefore if thou doest this, thou shalt receive according to the promise They made unto thy fathers.

131) For who may abide the day of my visitation? Yea, ask and thou shalt receive. Come unto me and I will come near unto thee and I will rebuke the devourer for thy sake.

132) Yea, I have promised thee that if thou dost become mine, even as I am the Creator's, we shall make Our abode with thee. But who can abide Our presence? And who can withstand Our glory?

133) For I am the refiner's fire and the fuller's soap. Let there be soil in the ore, even a little, and I shall burn it up. Therefore, who may stand?

134) Let all the Nemenhah purify themselves, for I will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver. Yea, purify yourself that there be less dross in the ore.

135) And so that there be no disputation amongst you, this is the manner in which thou shalt purge wickedness from thee:

136) Thou shalt succor the widow and judge the fatherless. Thou shalt have always all things in common even as thou hast done up to this time. In this I am well pleased.