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Why Hanukkah Matters Today

I felt like I should study about Hanukkah, in the past couple of days.  I have learned some things that are very important to our last days timeline.  Hanukkah begins at sundown on Sunday night.  It continues for eight days.  I am going to give a very, very brief overview.  But, I do hope you take the time to watch the four videos in my play list, total time is about 1 hour...https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMyVZdJx-99BZ6J1rfknekzDykH7UfCUR

The reason Jews celebrate this holiday, is because it is the anniversary of the Temple be rededicated.  Why did it need to be rededicated?  This is what interests me, because I always look for types and shadows.  One day, the ruler over the Jewish people, Antiochus, issued a decree outlawing the religious practices of the Jews.  Then proceeded to slaughter 80000 Jewish men, women and children.  Could some ruler issue a decree and make it illegal to be a Christian?  It sounds like it from the prophecies.  

The other thing I learned, from the videos, is the feeling of some of the more faithful Jews, that their faith and the practices of the members had been corrupted by Greek cultural influences.  It had seeped into their culture.  One of the videos spoke about this as Hellenization.  I thought how very appropriate.  This faith-based community is taking on the aspects of Babylon, and descending into the hellish society that Satan desires.  In spite of the writers that casually brush of the origins of that term as "just meaning Greek," I do not think that is true.  

This Hellenization is definitely an appropriate term with what is happening in the Church, our communities, and our Nation.  It really is remarkable, seeing the reflection of their time, in ours.  

One last thought, the wicked know the meaning of Hanukkah.  Would they deliberately begin such a reign of terror during that celebration?  We know Satan mocks God.  With Biden signing the religious freedom act, I think things are about to ramp up.  Let me know what you think.